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Sue has been very helpful! I have successfully lost 104 pounds and am continuing to lose weight at a healthy pace. Sue taught me a lot about balancing carbs, protein, and healthy fats. I am grateful for her help, encouragement, and accountability. I feel confident that I have made lifestyle changes that will help me to remain at a healthy weight for years to come!     

Erin Johnson                                               ***** Excellent

Sue is both personal and professional, and eager to help. She has a wealth of resources to share and is great with follow-up.           ****  Very Good

Nell, Hirsch  


Sue is awesome Dietitian I came across, She is very helpful, great listening skills, explains thoroughly. I would definitely recommend her. :-)  **** Very Good


Excellent dietician. I am very satisfied with her suggestions and recommendations and it helps me a lot.she gives a detailed explanation about every aspect and I am happy with my progress.I would definetely recommend her :)     **** Very Good


Suchitra listens patiently and gives practical solutions. She provided me with great material that helped me a lot. She is really personable and always there to clarify my doubts. Thanks for all you do. :)                                          **** Very Good


Sue is very helpful and explains everything thoroughly. She has a wealth of resources that she shares. She has been flexible with my schedule and would highly recommend her.   HELEN, YUSKO                                                             ***** Excellent

I am a newly diagnosed Type II Diabetic. On January 23rd during the worst winter storm of 2016 I was driven to the hospital and diagnosed with Type II Diabetes. I thought the symptoms I was experiencing was from food poisoning. After being in the ICU, and the hospital for 5 days I was released with an A1C of 11.9 and my glucose levels over 700. After visiting my primary care physician who specializes in diabetes I was given the contact information for Sue a Registered Dietitian. My first appointment I walked out knowing more than I could ever imagine. Sue is detailed explains everything thoroughly and provides you with real life examples and useful websites. Three months after seeing her and following her guideline and meal plans. My A1C has dropped from 11.9 to 6.0 pre diabetes range. I am thankful for her knowledge and guidance throughout this process and I will continue to use the skills she has taught me going forward.

I would recommend her to anyone who wants to learn how to live a healthy lifestyle, as well a newly diagnosed diabetics.                                             **** Very Good